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Fresh News was founded in May, 2012 by group of expert person from news and IT (Information Technologies) sector. The initial idea to establish Fresh News was that to send the most breaking news to people by the smart device. In the time, Fresh News was the only application that can push all the last news in Khmer Unicode Letter.

The company introduced the first version of Fresh News on Android OS in 15 May 2014 with a free charge of cost and unlimited download from Google Play Store.
All of our main products are focus on latest technologies not on hard copy.

* Fresh News Mobile Application (Android Version) is the most popular news mobile app version on Google Play Store in Cambodia. 

* Android OS mobile user can download this version with free and no limit expire date.

* iOS Version  This is the same version feature as Android Version. iOS user can download this version from apple store with free of charge and no limit expire date also. Please refer to chapter 1.6 Product Links to download.
Fresh News has been launched web version in early of 2015. Currently we have more then 250,000  sessions user view on the web. Currently we stand in top 11 ranking web sites in Cambodia by Alexa Ranking.
This version allow windows user to download and installed on the system. The application will receive the push notification (Alert News) from the PC similar to the mobile application. Now we can push to more then 450,000 devices and publish your article on the web. !