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Hang Meas Video Company was established in 1994 as a video and audio production copmany. In May 2009, it launched Hang Meas FM (104.5MHz) radio station, which features songs produced exclusively by its parent company. This was followed by the launch of Reasmey Hang Meas FM (95.7MHz).

In 2012, the company launched Hang Meas HDTV station, focusing mainly on entertainment. Its morning news time slot however, are the most popular among its viewers (CMRD, 2015). The company then expanded by establishing Reasmey Hang Meas HDTV, whose contents are similar to Hang Meas HDTV’s.

In addition to TV and radio stations, the company also launched a news website, hangmeasdaily.com, where current news is regularly updated and both TV and radio programs are available.

As a whole, Hang Meas Video Company owns:

• Hang Meas HDTV and Reasmey Hang Meas HDTV

• Hang Meas FM and Reasmey Hang Meas FM

• Reasmey Hang Meas film production

• Phleng Records

• WE Production (launched in 2015)